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  • Tax Preparation

Our team of bookkeepers and tax preparers will save you money and headaches!!!
By outsourcing your accounting and tax preparation, we can save you anywhere from 25% to 50% of the cost of doing accounting in-house. Some of the benefits of outsourcing include:

* No salaries to pay
* No fringe benefits (health insurance, retirement plans, vacation, sick pay) to pay
* No payroll taxes to pay
* No recruiting/interviewing headaches
* No training required
* No baggage that comes with employees
* No employee turnover
* Professionally trained and supervised accountants working for you but employed by a CPA firm

Our firm has been assisting small businesses with their accounting and tax preparation since 1981. We have highly qualified staff who can remote in to you computer to provide accounting services, accounting review, and tax preparation. We can even help manage your accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll preparation and sales tax filing.