Unwanted Appliance removal. A to Z Maintenance & Reconditioned

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Hello, my name is Chris Ellsworth and I own A to Z Maintenance & Reconditioned Appliances and I just recently found out that when you purchase an appliance from a name brand company they some don't install and charge for you to get rid of your old appliance of whatever you are updating or it just does not work anymore.

I am the person you can call to come get it out of your way or get rid of any of appliances you are trying to get out of your way. I do not charge and yes it does help me in our family owned appliance business. Some will tell you to buy new and its not worth fixing or just some people just want to upgrade and if you don't want that extra fee please call Chris or Rebecca or Daniel. It's free!

Call for more information or a location you have something that needs to be picked up
Thank you, and God Bless!!