Wedding & Event Photographer Paola Santander

  • Wedding Photography

You only have one first kiss, one first dance and one first evening as a married couple. Your baby is only a newborn for what seems like a minute. Of course, you want to capture of all these moments so that you can look back on them forever. By choosing Paola Santander as your photographer, you won't have to worry about precious moments slipping out of your grasp.

It's important to have confidence in your photographer and know that they can get the job done right the first time around. Paola is just the photographer for your once in a lifetime project. Not only has she been providing her clients with positive results for ten years, she also knows first hand just how important your moments are to you. On her wedding day, Paola had over four hundred guests and knows how crucial it is to include all of your friends and family throughout the night. She is also a new mom and knows first hand just how fast your baby grows and how special each captured moment is to your heart.

You wouldn't hire a baker who has never tasted cake and you wouldn't consider a babysitter who has never been around a child. Don't hire a photographer who doesn't understand the importance of your photos.