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Easy and cute prom hairstyles

Prom night is an event almost every girl is planning and preparing for. When a nice dress and cool shoes are crossed out from a list, it’s time to think about your hair and makeup. Getting them done professionally at a hair salon is the easiest and probably the most convenient solution, which, unfortunately, is not the most inexpensive one. But does it mean that you may achieve a pretty prom hair look only if you lay out a ton of money for it? Actually, there’re a couple ways to save money on getting your hair done for a prom. The first one is finding a hair stylist online, as he’ll most probably charge less than the salon people. And, most of these hair professionals come to the client’s house, which makes the process even more convenient. So, if it’s something you’re interested in, visit HireRush.com and post a prom task for a hairdresser or contact a local professional directly from the site. The second option is to do that on your own. Yes, it will take you some skills and practice, but you’ll end up with a cute prom hairstyle at no cost! Just find a look at make it work for your hair.

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So, is your prom the next day and you haven’t booked a hairdressers appointment? Are you looking for a cute and easy prom hairdo to recreate at home without paying too much money to get the same result at a hair salon? Has your hair professional messed up the entire look or done something completely different from what you wanted? Are you in a desperate need of a nice hairstyle for prom?  Check out the ideas below and get your hair situated as soon as possible!

7 cute and easy DIY prom hairstyles

  1. Side twists or French braids. Looks equally good on both short and long hair, especially if you take time to curl it. Lasts incredibly long and takes no time to make. Apply defining cream into your hair, then dry with a diffuser to emphasize your natural texture. Skip the cream part if you’re going to style the rest of your hair after making the twists/braids.  Create a deep side part. Then, divide the smaller section horizontally in two. Make two small twists or French braids on the smaller side of the part. Braid up to the ear level. Secure the twists/braids with bobby pins, curl the rest of the hair using a medium-large curling wand to get soft, beach waves, add hair accessories that would match your dress and you’re ready to party.side twist prom hairstyle
  2. Braids and a bun. Combine the elegance of a bun with a romantic and careless touch of voluminous messy braids to achieve a creative updo perfect for a prom night. Just take a chunk of hair from the forehead, part it into three equal pieces, make three braids and pull on them to get that extra volume. You may make any braids you know how to do. Take the rest of your hair and make a high ponytail. Twist the ponytail around its base and form a bun. Secure it with hair pins, adjust the braids and wrap them around the bun. Add a couple of accessories of your preference to complete the look.three braids in a bun prom hairstyle
  3. A great side pony can be the perfect way to complement an awesome color or a beautiful side bang. This may be nice prom hair look because it creates elegance while keeping your hair out of your face so you can dance the night away without having to worry about your hair frizzing out! Start with dry curled hair, parted to the preferred side. Take it all to one side to make a low pony tail. Leave out the bangs or a few curls if you want. Take a section of hair and wrap it tightly around the rubber band. Adorn your ponytail with a flower accessory. Improve the hairstyle by incorporating a couple of small braids into it if you have time to do that.side ponytail prom hairstyle
  4. Messy side-swept bun. A messy bun is probably one of the simplest hairstyles everyone loves for sure. And, there’re so many way to make them look interesting and unique. For instance, you may dress up this popular updo to make it a little bit more special for a prom night with the help of a French braid or a flower crown. Just take a basic rubber band, collect all your hair wrap it around the base of an ‘imaginary’ ponytail carelessly to make a messy bun on one side of your head. Then, start pulling tiny sections of hair from the bun and pin them back into it with the help of the most ordinary bobby pins. Be creative and don’t stick to a certain order.  Keep doing that until you reach the desired look. Secure this prom hairstyle with your favorite hair spray. A simple flower or hair accessory or a side French braid could add a romantic touch to this stunning prom hairdo.messy side bun prom hairstyle
  5. Rock a fishtail. Get a half up half down prom hairstyle by sectioning the hair above your ears and braiding a messy fish-style braid out of it. To make a fish braid, divide your hair in two parts and start bringing small sections from one side of the braid to the other one. Continue braiding the top part of your hair this way until you make a braid of the desired length. Then, secure it with a clear elastic band. Style the rest of your hair and bangs (you may curl or straighten it) and you’re done.fishtail braid prom hairstyle
  6. If you’re a fan of updos, you may easily incorporate any type of braids into a messy low or high bun and don’t worry about your hair for the rest of the night. There’re numerous variants of prom updos you may easily recreate at a short time on Stylecaster.com, so choose one of them and get your hair stylist to recreate them on your hair. Or, get brave and get one of them done on your own. For instance, you may braid two pigtail or fish-style braids starting from the middle part and wrap them around your head to make them look like a crown. Add small decorative pins as accessories, pull out two pieces of hair to adorn your face and your prom hair is done.waterfall braids curly prom hairstyle
  7. Curled waterfall. Put a fun on a classic curly prom hairstyle with the waterfall braid. Turn your hair into a curly goodness with a small-middle curling wand and leave the front sections out to make the braids. Start braiding on the right side. Splitting the chunk of hair into three sections like for making a normal braid. Cross the right side over the middle then cross the left section in, but instead of threading the left side through, let it drop down like a “waterfall.” For the next piece, add in the left section but drop out the right section. Repeat these steps, letting the pieces of hair drop out to create the waterfall effect. Make these braids on both sides and connect two braids with an elastic band or a hair accessory at the back of your head.


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