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Los Angeles, CA

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(323) 742-4382

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We move spas to any location, fork lift, flat bed truck & trailer ready for any move
Do you have a spa sitting in your back yard? Collecting dust, spiderwebs? & want to once again bring it back to life, & in good working condition?

Call our spa Tec offering great, friendly, spa cleanup & maintenance
We check water PH, alkalitity, clorine levels
We check & replace old filters, spa cover clips making access child proof
We drain & refill the spa using our water filtration system avoid using regular tap water that has high chlorine levels
We clean & recondition the spa cover many made of vinyl. We use special Solutions to protect against water damage & harmful UV rays that dry, dull, crack the surface
We also remove any mold, stains, hard water build-up
Once spa is drained we deep clean, disinfect, & check for water jets not working properly
Once spa is drained-We check for any pest infestation such as rodents nesting under the spa, spyders, etc......

We repair decks, gazebos, paint & stain
We check wiring, electrical components, main panel, pumps, hoses, heaters
We trouble shoot & make sure all is in good working order
We check for leaks, damaged hoses too
We also repair wood steps & paint -we make em sturdy again
We can can move your spa to a different location around the house & prep place to set it on
We also transport, dispose, of non-working spas or gazebos

Give us a call & we'll make your spa looking like new again!!!


Los Angeles, CA

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    (323) 742-4382
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29 Aug 2017

Best recommendations from me! The two men who showed up were very hard workers and were careful with my furniture