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Servicing: New York, NY Long Island, NY Jersey City, NJ
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Hello! I am a master certified Mercedes benz tech ..
14 years in house dealer factory training on my own over 5 years now .. All Mercedes benz, smart cars , and sprinter services. Using all up to date Mercedes ( only) diagnostic equipment and tools .. All work from preventive maintenance to electrical trouble shooting , wiring problems. Shorts. All diagnostics etc. Any and all repairs. Nyc. Nj.

Call for info anytime ( Patrick ). Fully mobile service if needed ...
Thank you for looking at my add.
All work from preventive maintenance to electrical trouble shooting , wiring problems.

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09 Aug 2017

Lmao , I'm sorry but I find this last post very amusing.. this guy has over a thousand followers. Never once heard these assumptions before. Also if I got taken for "$900" I wouldn't be talking about it on the internet. Either I would take him to court or break his legs. Seems to me this person has a grudge. That's fine but atleast address your problem on a platform he can defend him self ... not on a site like a 15 year old. Smh. Caint make everyone happy I guess. You should address your issue like a grown up.

05 Aug 2017

I previously exposed Patrick as a fraud both here and on Yelp. I just got a message from a guy on yelp that he ripped off for almost $900. Gave him the exact same excuses. . . apparently his aunt was resurrected and died again. These reviews arent real, the guy will scam you!

02 Aug 2017

I'm on here to support my main Mercedes guy. Patrick. He fixed my 2003 CL 55. I had a few issues. He told me what it needed. Also what could be repaired instead of being replaced such as the drivers door harness was broken as he explained the harness is to short from the factory and from being pulled on the wires break. These wires operate the windows. Seat switch mirror. Etc. Also same on passanger side. Instead of changing both. He opened them up and extended the wires. I was also quoted by the dealer I needed the complete vacum pump for the door locks. It's was around $800 for parts plus labor. As pat explained the pump inside burns out. We got one used he opened both up and swaped the pump only. No programing or replacing with new was needed. He saved me around $1500 in parts plus around $700 in labor. He charged me half that for parts and labor. Goes to show you he knows these cars and has options. He gave me both I went with the less $$ one. Thanks pat. Much appreciated 👌👌

30 Jul 2017

I brought my 2017 Mercedes benz C class to Patrick. I had a service engine light coming up. He checked the car out for me and found the gas cap seal was torn. Probably from the previous time the guy put gas. I was impressed by his knowledge and his capabilities to service my baby. I called a few people before I found him. I was told the car was to new. He came with a lil tablet looking thingy and took care of it. I'm over my miles so the dealer was not a option good thing he's a honest mechanic cause I would of payed anything at that point. My kids ride in that car every day. Thank you Patrick bless you. Hope you prosper and reach your goals. 🙏 Btw I found him on Instagram and Facebook @ complete benz repsirs 😁😁

13 Jun 2017

Let's start by saying I'm not a fan of "Mercedes benz mechanics " they think there god. Anyways I was out of town for work. My wife drives a 2006 E 350. Her transmission was not shifting properly also it was hard to get out of park. She found someone online they came down told her she needed a transmission control module. Gave her and $1500 quote. I told her not to do anything wait for me to come home. I did some research I found this guy Patrick on Facebook @complete benz repairs. He came down checked the codes and ran some tests. He took the console apart. The wood etc. I was not there at the moment I was running a errand. Point is he was alone with the car for awhile. He found coffee must has spilled into the shifter. That was the cause. For the problem. He also found a diamond earring my wife lost over 2 years ago he could of put it in his pocket I would have never known. Honest guy. My new tech. Honestly is priceless plus he saved me a lot of $ on the correct repair. Thanks pat!!