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Hello! I am a master certified Mercedes benz tech ..
14 years in house dealer factory training on my own over 5 years now .. All Mercedes benz, smart cars , and sprinter services. Using all up to date Mercedes ( only) diagnostic equipment and tools .. All work from preventive maintenance to electrical trouble shooting , wiring problems. Shorts. All diagnostics etc. Any and all repairs. Nyc. Nj.

Call for info anytime ( Patrick ). Fully mobile service if needed ...
Thank you for looking at my add.
All work from preventive maintenance to electrical trouble shooting , wiring problems.

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13 Jun 2017

Let's start by saying I'm not a fan of "Mercedes benz mechanics " they think there god. Anyways I was out of town for work. My wife drives a 2006 E 350. Her transmission was not shifting properly also it was hard to get out of park. She found someone online they came down told her she needed a transmission control module. Gave her and $1500 quote. I told her not to do anything wait for me to come home. I did some research I found this guy Patrick on Facebook @complete benz repairs. He came down checked the codes and ran some tests. He took the console apart. The wood etc. I was not there at the moment I was running a errand. Point is he was alone with the car for awhile. He found coffee must has spilled into the shifter. That was the cause. For the problem. He also found a diamond earring my wife lost over 2 years ago he could of put it in his pocket I would have never known. Honest guy. My new tech. Honestly is priceless plus he saved me a lot of $ on the correct repair. Thanks pat!!

08 Jun 2017

Hi I met Patrick threw a friend. I wanted a service and a tune up on my 2004 CL 500 I was quoted a few prices. He asked to see the car. The others didn't. He wanted to see what it needed. As he explained a "tune up " is a broad statement for a Mercedes ( my first one ) he explained you don't change plug wires unless there needed it's not like a American car. Long story short. We did plugs. Engine air filters. A/c cabin filters coolant and brake fluid flush. Oh and a oil change. The others wanted to change wires , throttle body service a bunch of things my car didn't need. He explained it's cheaper to check and see what's needed then to just change parts for no reason needless to say he saved me a lot of money on parts and labor. Nice knowledgeable guy knew the answer before I asked the question. Very impressed. Thanks Patrick. Will be recommending you to my people!!

02 Jun 2017

I found Patrick on Instagram. I have a 2004 SL 500 i hit a pothole and suddenly after my convertable top stop working. I explained this to him. Now I called two previous shops before him and they claimed the top computer needed to be re programed. Now I'm no auto mechanic but it seemed a lil far fetched that I needed to have to pay $200 to re program some computer after hitting a pothole. Long story short. I spoke with pat. He explained when a convertable hits something hard enough in the road the roll bar will deploy thinking the cars gonna flip over it will have the bar as support. He asked if my roll bar worked It did not. 2 minutes just by holding the switch it reset and my roof started to work. I offered to meet him or pay pal he's a gentleman he said enjoy the weather. If you need any work call me. Yes that's what I will do for sure. Thanks pat. For being honest and helping me out 👍

26 May 2017

Brought my sprinter to him for some odds and ends. He came to a job site I was on. He saved me a day's pay. Great guy smart knows his stuff. I had him check things other mechanics said I needed. He confirmed they were good plus he took the time to show me. I read the few negative posts on here and asked him. "Caint make everyone like me " not easy being one guy mobile I get it. Thank you Patrick I will refer you!!

20 May 2017

This guy is the worst!!!!!!! He will totally waste your time.

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