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Hello! I am a master certified Mercedes benz tech ..
14 years in house dealer factory training on my own over 5 years now .. All Mercedes benz, smart cars , and sprinter services. Using all up to date Mercedes ( only) diagnostic equipment and tools .. All work from preventive maintenance to electrical trouble shooting , wiring problems. Shorts. All diagnostics etc. Any and all repairs. Nyc. Nj.

Call for info anytime (Patrick). Fully mobile service if needed ...
Thank you for looking at my add.
All work from preventive maintenance to electrical trouble shooting, wiring problems.


New York, NY Long Island, NY Jersey City, NJ South Brunswick Township, NJ North Bergen, NJ


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Reviews (38)

11 Aug 2019

I found pat online. I have a body shop. Customer gave me new style upgraded head lights he wanted installed. Pat told me it’s gonna be a issue due to the modules. I guess they make them so if you steal a set they won’t work. I said come down I’ll pay you for your time. He came and like he said it was a issue. He told me what I needed. I bought two new modules they didn’t work. He told me they needed programming. He came everything worked out. I handed him the price he said he charges for programing. He handed me back money stating he took off some money for doing the diagnostic. That I payed him for. I could not believe he would do that. Much appreciated. I will definitely be using him again. Just from talking with him I know he knows these cars. Wish I met him earlier. I’ve had people come charge me for a diagnostic. It ended up being wrong then try charging me again to fix the problem they created. Thanks pat. My shops very busy as you can tell. .. see you again my friend... Paul R

10 Aug 2019

I regret coming to this guy in the first place, a total waste of time.

MERCEDES & SPRINTER FULL SERVICES: You bring me a van to check. I diagnose it every time it comes to you bringing it to me there’s a issue. I’m not responsible for you getting the truck to me. Several week ends you cancel. I see this today ? Really ? Good luck ✌🏼

10 Jun 2019

Hi. I met Patrick threw a friend. I own a few cars , two of them Mercedes-Benz’s. I had a issue with S 63 AMG. Car was making a strange noise. Upon acceleration there’s allmost a winning / rubbing noise. Only at a certain RPM. Shop told me I needed motor mounts. ( I know I did but that’s not it ) Patrick road tested with me for around 45 mins. He was able to get it just right and duplicate the noise every time. It’s only at a certain speed and RPM. As he explained the car has a fully hydronic suspension. Called ABC as he explained it made sense there’s dampners that are made to drown out noises from this high pressure system. This car has three. He recommended all three and a fluid flush. After he did the work the cars like day and night. What I appreciate is he took time to confirm the noise I was hearing also to explain why and what it does. Most mechanical “either caint “ or don’t care enough. Thank you Patrick for your time & excellent service. Got my car back clean &Fixed properly

02 Jun 2019

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS INDIVIDUAL. It’s been several months since I’ve been waiting for Patrick to complete my car, he took $300, had me notarize a letter of responsibility, and never came back. Every time I contact him, he has an excuse. He blocked my number, I called from another phone weeks later and he answered and still never showed up. I took days off from work and he never came. I ended up selling the vehicle. DO NOT TRUST HIM.

MERCEDES & SPRINTER FULL SERVICES: Contact me. Email your number I will straighten it out. If you had a letter head notorized that means it was a anti thieft part. Such as a key. Leave me a info contact I will refund you. Simple. Sorry for any inconvenience. How can I not refund you if my names on a letter head that’s notorized ? For $300 really ? There must be a mistake. I will refund you. No problem. Thanks leave me a contact.

16 Apr 2019

Met pat threw a friend. Great guy. Had some issues with my sprinter. I was told by another MERCEDES / SPRINTER specialist I needed over $3800 in repairs. I had a check engine light & power loss issue. I guess from working on them every day. He gave me a option to basically bypass this part. By coding the computer. I gave him the computer it took 48 HRS. Road tested it ✔️ No more light and more power then I had before the problem. He explained he did a intake flapp delete and tune. To upgrade the computer. This flapp gets stuck causing the motor to starve for air ( makes sense ) caint be happier. The other shop wanted over $2000 more and told me at least a week down time. 2 days a few grand cheaper with a upgrade. It explains its self. Honest. Reliable smart tech. We spoke cars after. I owned a lot of mercedes in the past. Lol I told him the year & models he told me everything I allmost had a problem with. He was on point . Thanks Patrick.

MERCEDES & SPRINTER FULL SERVICES: Anytime. I’m happy I can help. Anything you need you can ALLWAYS call me.