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Hello! I am a master certified Mercedes benz tech ..
14 years in house dealer factory training on my own over 5 years now .. All Mercedes benz, smart cars , and sprinter services. Using all up to date Mercedes ( only) diagnostic equipment and tools .. All work from preventive maintenance to electrical trouble shooting , wiring problems. Shorts. All diagnostics etc. Any and all repairs. Nyc. Nj.

Call for info anytime (Patrick). Fully mobile service if needed ...
Thank you for looking at my add.
All work from preventive maintenance to electrical trouble shooting, wiring problems.


New York, NY Long Island, NY Jersey City, NJ South Brunswick Township, NJ North Bergen, NJ


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Reviews (43)

23 May 2020

Hi. I have a sprinter 2012. With around 150.000 Miles. It’s great I had a check engine light also I live upstate ny. I would loose all power sometimes going up steep hills. I met Patrick. We spoke I explained i was not comfortable driving into the city like this. I was afraid of damaging the turbo. He also agreed and came up from Brooklyn perform a diagnostic. Found truck was not doing regenerations. Due tocarbin level I think he said. He reset all values and performed a manual regeneration using the Mercedes-Benz sprinter lap top. He also updated the module software. We drove around for quite a bit and truck had full power. He also went over Vechile. Checked fluids brakes tires belts. We found a/c was warm. I remember a mechanic told me it would be $300 something bucks. He made me take him to auto zone I got a can of Freon that you can do it yourself. Charged it up. It’s ice cold. I payed him a lil extra to do my daughters car. So for $60. He charged 2 thank you. Pat I’m very happy

MERCEDES & SPRINTER FULL SERVICES: No problem thanks for your business. I’m happy all went well. Thanks for the review

30 Apr 2020

Hi. My names Anthony I own a Mercedes-Benz 2009 C 300 car would not start and many lights on dash. Brought it to a “German specialist “ I found online. Car was there a week. After calling quite a few times this man Jose says I need to change the body module. With a quote over $2500 I went to a Mercedes-Benz DEALER to price this part ans was told it was not a common part. I was advised by them to get a second opinion. Funny thing a guy at the dealer gave me this guy Patrick’s number. Jose was fine with pat coming to look. At it. I spoke to him he asked some questions. First thing he asked did this happen after a rainy day or a car wash ? I thought and yes it was after 2 days of rain. He charged me a DIAGNOSTIC fee explained if I had him fix it after he would take it off the repair. After from what Jose said 20 mins he found the problem. Clogged drains water came into car into wiring plugs. All in with pat it was $300 don’t think Jose felt confident lol. Pat thank you. Your my new tech.

MERCEDES & SPRINTER FULL SERVICES: My pleasure. 917-642-1645

25 Feb 2020

I met Patrick threw a good friend. I had a few issues with my 2006 S 500. He perform a diagnostic told me what was needed. Gave me a price. There was a few items I needed that he recommended that was a priority. The other stuff could wait. We decided to break down all the repairs into a few visits. Instead of all at once. Better on the pocket. He was fair he didn’t recommend the most costly repairs. We fixed what was important first. Then broke down the other repairs. He didn’t try to hit me hard. He also notified me some repairs included parts I needed had to come off to do the job at hand. So I just payed for the part. As he explained how can I charge you to put back on something I needed to take off anyway. Very honest. Thank you pat. Hope you catch up. I know your very busy.

04 Sep 2019

I have a Mercedes-Benz sprinter. It’s my. Work truck. It has high miles. Anyways I had a check engine light and I would lose power on steep hills. I was told by two different mechanics that I needed to change my exhaust system. My egr sensor and the manifold TO START !!! All this needed to be done to get to the root of the problem. Both mechanics didn’t say the same. But very close also in the same price range. I found pat online. He came checked it. Told me what was the cause of my problem. No guessing or need to start here answer. He told me a few options I had he even sold me on the cheaper option. Explained in the long run it was they way to go. He recommended I do change the DPF filter inside the exhaust. After the repairs ( that took a few days ) my truck was better then new. More power I didn’t know it had. Very happy with his mobile service. Saved me money. Plus gave me a new truck. Ha ha thanks Patrick.

MERCEDES & SPRINTER FULL SERVICES: Thank you. I appreciate your business

21 Aug 2019

I had a issue with my sprinter. Pat was recommended from a good friend. He came looked at my van. Told me what I needed in a hour or so. Gave me a few repair options. He didn’t try to push the more expensive repair on me believe it or not. He explained each option and a estimated time for each repair. I had a sensor issue. Being I need my van for work the less time made the most sense. I was very happy with his work and prices. He’s just very busy and has a crazy schedule but it was worth it. Honest smart guy I’m very happy to leave this post. Thank you Patrick

MERCEDES & SPRINTER FULL SERVICES: Thank you. You’re very welcome