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Hello! I am a master certified Mercedes benz tech ..
14 years in house dealer factory training on my own over 5 years now .. All Mercedes benz, smart cars , and sprinter services. Using all up to date Mercedes ( only) diagnostic equipment and tools .. All work from preventive maintenance to electrical trouble shooting , wiring problems. Shorts. All diagnostics etc. Any and all repairs. Nyc. Nj.

Call for info anytime (Patrick). Fully mobile service if needed ...
Thank you for looking at my add.
All work from preventive maintenance to electrical trouble shooting, wiring problems.


New York, NY Long Island, NY Jersey City, NJ South Brunswick Township, NJ North Bergen, NJ


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Reviews (36)

16 Aug 2018

Hi. I met pat on page. I own a 2006 Mercedes benz E class. I had some lights on the dash ( malfunctions) I brought it to my general mechanic. His genreric scan tool could not access the info I needed. My mechanic explained the complexity of these cars. Specially this years. Anyway. Pat came scanned it. Found it was a out of date software. No parts needed just a software update he did from his lap top. Charged me a very fair price I was very happy and impressed with his knowledge of these cars thanks Patrick nothing but all stars from me. Try to take a day off. He came on a Sunday for me. Cause that was my only day off I’m very appreciative for that. 👍🏼

09 Aug 2018

This guy is a total dishonest scammer gave him 400 for parts has used every excuse in the book why he can't come is a real piece of crap stole my money now I have to take him to court anyone hiring him is crazy

MERCEDES & SPRINTER FULL SERVICES: What’s strange is you did a similar post months ago ? So I did you wrong twice two different situations? Strange.

24 May 2018

Hey. Real quick just wanna support this guy. I have a Mercedes ML 350 I came out to a dead battery twice with in a let’s say 3 week period the dealer said there’s nothing wrong. It might of been some clitch. I changed the battery myself. Same happened again. Someone gave me Patrick’s Info. Told him the history. He said. Don’t jump start or boost it he wanted to check it while it was still dead. He came out put a boost on it & checked it with what he said was a scope. No idea ? Lol. Anyways after a good 3 hours. BTW it’s a leased car. Ok so after a few hours. He found the cheap $20 tracking device the banks put in them in case of repo. Was not turning off every now and then. Causing what he explained as a parasitic draw. So minute it’s measured in milli Amps. That’s what the scope was for. To detect it. I had the leasing company change it out. It’s been about a month now and it’s been fine. Better then the dealer is all I can say. Thumbs up. Thanks again. Will refure you. 👍🏼

22 May 2018

Hey. wanted to leave a review. I have 2010 GL550. It had a few issues Over the time I had it Just recently I had a issue where. My fuel gauge , tail gate , seats , were Inoperable brought it to a “Mercedes shop “ Don’t wanna mention names just wanna prove a point. Ik This shop said I need a fuse boxin rear & another computer in the rear. Never did they say why it was bad.. . Long stort they charged me around $12 to $1300 for parts & program. 2 weeks later same brought back they said ok it’s defective. They replaced it & had the balls to try & charge me some fee. That didn’t happen. NOW It happen again but now no start they say there’s a short want me to pay to tow it in I find Patrick just wanted to see if he could start it being he’s mobile. He was able. Also he found in 2 mins the issue the tail light seal was causing water to leak into module. With this info I made the shop change everything. I was not paying cause there was a leak. They didn’t see smh. Thanks pat 👍🏼

19 May 2018

What’s up pat. I met this guy today. I had just picked up a used Mercedes. Brought it to my mechanic. Who claimed to know Mercedes benz cars also. He told me I needed some module. It was some translater. Not sure the name but it was allmost $300. I found pat cause my mechanic could not program this translater module ( what ever it’s called ) so I had him come to program the new one. Instead of just doing it. He took time to ask why I was changing it. So I told him my mechanic told me I needed it. So he asked my guy @ to be honest I was a lil imbarssed my guy didn’t have the right answer to any of pats questions. Pat ask me what my complaints were. Come to find out I didn’t need this $300 part. That was gonna cost me $200 to program. So that’s $500 for no reason. He showed me what I needdd fixed some other stuff by programing some computers that were programed wrong. Thank you pat your my go to guy for now. You took ur time to ask me what was wrong. Saved me a lot of $ & still fixd it