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Philadelphia, PA

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We are a Family operated company that takes great pride in our work. Our mission as home improvement professionals is to supply consumers with the assistance they need around their house or business completing a variety of tasks. We have extensive experience in many fields including, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, carpet steam cleaning or we have house cleaning employees that can make your house look spectacular. Our projects have ranged from cleaning all the way to entire basement remodels including bathrooms and kitchens. Its our goal to give every customer the best service and completed work as possible.

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Philadelphia, PA

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01 Apr 2019

Mr. Baker answered my bid on thumbtack to do work on my bathroom. He claimed it would take 4 days to complete. Three weeks later, he drove to my house disoriented and rammed his car into my closed garage door. He asked me not to call the police or 911 because he didn’t want his license taken away. The work he completed was poor and will cost $10,000 to fix.
It was determined he caused over $2,000 in damage to garage. Rather than pay the deductible of $1,0000, he denied having hit our garage to insurance. I was able to send them texts he sent admitting it. They were able to find him liable.
He claimed we owed him $900 for supplies and demanded $2,0000 or else he would sue us. He proceeded to harass us leaving rambling messages. I report the harassment to the police. He continues to harass us because I posted a review on thumbtack (which he deleted). I am posting this despite whatever he chooses to do in retaliation this time.

Dosti-Baker Home Improvements & Maintenance: This is a rogue client that I advise no one deal with on a business end. Material was purchased and countless hours of unpaid labor was performed only to had the clients return home from vacation with a change in attitude and refusal to pay even for the material. Chimdi expected everything for no money but we halted the job upon refusal to pay work was halted which spawned this attempt to tarnish our reputation. If transparency is desired I can make lawsuit that is built already against this past client for loss of wages and material available for viewing to debunk any stigmatisms built on chimdis falsified statements, but in short, If their accusations were fact based former District Attorney ms,tuffs would have built a lawsuit based on truth, but shamefully her claims are fabricated by lies so she knows better than to bring this to any courtroom. We conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism, it is unfortunate we fell victim to this narcissistic behavior. .