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Servicing: New York, NY Brooklyn, NY
  • Moving
  • Piano Movers

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(646) 506-3151 PIN: 2931


  • Moving
  • Piano Movers
Servicing: New York, NY Brooklyn, NY
When you get ready to move, don’t go it alone! Our NYC Movers can handle your move, whether you’re moving across the street or from one borough to another one way across town!

Moving in the Big Apple can present special problems. There’s the constant traffic to deal with, then you have to figure out where to park in order to get everything out of the van and into your new home without getting a parking ticket. If you are moving from an apartment building to another, chances are you aren’t ground floor on both. Moving heavy furniture up several flights of stairs is strenuous and dangerous.

All these factors are enough to drive anyone crazy!

Even if you are moving to a house in a suburb, we know how crowded the New York streets can be and how frustrating it can be to drive a moving truck or van through these streets if you’ve never done it before. As NYC movers, we are not only experts in packing and moving your things, but we are also safe, professional drivers who know this city like the back of our hand!

Moving from your current home to a new home means that you will have many things to do. Changing over the utilities, getting the kids enrolled in their new school and all the other tasks that you have to do personally can consume all your time and energy.

You shouldn’t have the added stress of worrying about when your personal belongings will make it to your new home – or what condition they will be in when they get there.

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21 Mar 2018

I was blown away by the way TDY MOVING & STORAGE handled my move last winter. It took me almost no time to get a quote and these guys actually stuck to the quote till the end. The movers were very well trained. Their experience showed in the way they worked around my house. Each and every one of the men had years of experience. I have rarely seen such efficient movers before. They made the delivery on the scheduled date and nothing was broken or damaged. Experience is crucial in this field and these guys are just full of it.

17 Mar 2018

I moved very successfully few weeks ago with the help of these wonderful people. I already knew about their performance from my neighbor who moved about half a year ago. I saw how they were working and didn’t think twice before I hired them. The price and the service were fine and the guys who moved me were quite fast but very careful with my furniture. I have some other things to move from my old place and I’m gonna hire TDY MOVING & STORAGE again.

13 Mar 2018

Having to carry huge furniture and making sure they transport well is a huge job. One can only be good at it if they have had enough practice. The quote I got from TDY MOVING & STORAGE was convincing enough to hire them. They were nothing like what I was expecting at that price point. My entire apartment was wrapped, packed, carried and loaded onto the truck very quickly by them. They made the delivery on time. They were out of my house before anyone even knew that I was moving out.

10 Mar 2018

If you want a hassle free move that wouldn’t cost you too much, your only option is to hire TDY MOVING & STORAGE. They were just wonderful with our last move. Their crew of 5 men arrived right on time on the moving day. The movers had more appointments that day and so they were very fast at the job. I imagined they would be quite tired but they showed no sign of fatigue whatsoever. They carried big pieces of furniture with ease and finished the whole task quite fast. The delivery was made the next day as requested. None of our items got lost or suffered the slightest damage. This move would have been absolutely impossible without these guys!

07 Mar 2018

I have moved a few times in the past and it’s never been easy. I heard some great things about TDY MOVING & STORAGE as a moving company so I decided to hire them for my last move to see if they can make a difference.This guys were courteous, efficient and careful with all our belongings. One of our tables had a preexisting crack in it, which one of the men quickly pointed out to us. We told him no sweat but appreciated the professionalism of that. I don’t know how I feel about the new place yet, but in a world where customer service and professionalism is so hard to come by, I do know that this company is an excellent choice for your moving needs.