Same-Day Housecleaning! 3-4 rooms in 2.5 hours!

  • House Cleaning $20.00

Do you have any light housework, cleaning, dishes, vacuuming or dusting that needs to be done QUICK and on SHORT NOTICE?? Having a party or company coming over and need help quick?? Just don't feel like doing it yourself?? Maybe you have back problems?? Do you have elderly parents who need the extra help?
I'm here for you!! :)

If you have the cleaning products, the vacuum, I've got the time! CALL TODAY - SAME DAY!!
Flat rate charge of $20. an hour. Up to 5 hours available per day. I clean fast and well!!
Cash only--First hour ($20) upfront to cover my travel expenses.

Normal housecleaning includes: Usually 3-4 rooms in 2.5 hours unless really dirty, (i.e., kitchen, bathroom, living room, and dining room/bedroom.) I also do dishes, organizing, laundry, and ironing. Just takes longer but happy to do it. :)

AT THIS TIME, I DO NOT CARRY CLEANING PRODUCTS. So you will need to provide those. (For example; sponges, paper towels, products, vacuum, and broom.)
Thanks. :)

I am in the Beaverton area but will travel any where in the nearby Portland area. ˜†
Please call Heidi