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Swimming Pool Service & Repairs - Residential and Commercial

Maintenance service, on swimming pool and spa from $100 monthly* All inclusive, no extra charges. FREE ESTIMATE. Certified, Licensed and Insured. Hammerhead vacuum use for cleaning, We don't use your pool filter and pump for cleaning. Giving your equipment a longer life span. Saving you money.

Vacuum pool with hammerhead.
Backwash or clean filter and inspect pump operation.
Clean all skimmer and pump baskets.
Skim leaves and debris from water surface.
Brush pool walls, steps, and floor as needed.
Test pH, chlorine and salt levels weekly.
Refill automatic chlorine dispenser with chlorine tablets.
Adjust chemicals as needed and shock pool as necessary. If your pool is green we include all chemicals to get balanced. More extensive water analysis as needed.

North Miami, North Miami Beach, Miami and Miami Beach. No contract needed. *Offer not valid for commercial pools

We also acid wash pools, pressure clean pool decks, leak detection, fix leaks, pool pumps, pool motor, filters, chemical service.

We have the best prices and best service.
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