FIX!!! Computer, Laptop, Cellphone and Tablet

  • Computer Repair $25.00

We offer a full range of PC repair services around Boston, starts at $25

Emergency package for $120, includes:

* System refresh
* Data Backup up to 50Gb ($5 for each 10Gb extra)
* Basics software instal (OS, office package, anti-virus, codecs)*
* Dust and physical cleaning
* Coolers and hardware Check-up
* Free collection and delivery

*All the softwares must be provided

We offer:
* Laptop & Notebook Repair Services
* PC/Mac Hardware/Software Support
* TV, Video and Gaming Setup
* Computer customization
* Upgrades
* PC Tune-up & Optimization Service
* PC/Network Slowdowns, Lockups, Freezes
* Data Backup, Migration, Recovery, Restoration
* Parts installation and replacement
* Operating system and software installation
* Network and wireless troubleshooting
* Virus, spyware, and adware removal
* Content Filtering/Parental Controls
* Free collection and delivery