Kansas City's Saints Photography - Automotive Photography

  • Commercial Photographers $40.00

Have a Project car you're finally finished with? Wanna show off that new car you worked so hard to get? Just need some professional photos done of your car?

Contact Saints Photography today!

Saints Photography offers the following styles of Automotive photography:

Rolling Shots
Night Painting
City backdrop
Natural backdrop

*Always crystal clear hi res photos. I also have Photoshop experience (lowering cars)*

Saints Photography specializes in automobile photography ONLY. Appointments for weddings, baby announcements, family photos, and anything of that nature will be turned down.

All Photos taken from an appointment made shoot will be emailed to the client's email and will also be uploaded to the Saints Photography Flikr account.

$40 an hour, anything over 2 hours will then be a flat rate of $100. Cash and cards, No checks.
To schedule a photoshoot please feel free or call Kevin.