Windows/Mac/Linux Remote Support or Drop off

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I have been fixing computers for over two decades now. I am equally skilled in the 3 major desktop operating systems, as well as IOS and Android for mobile. There is little that I can not fix, and when it comes to Software problems not relating faulty hardware my success rate is 99%+ I can recover your data, make your machine fast like it was the day you purchased it, upgrade your operating system, install additional applications, or just provide general assistance. I also specialize in all kinds of hardware jobs, most commonly the laptop DC jack repair. If you think you have a hardware situation call me and explain it to me as best you can and I should be able to provide an estimate and sometimes even a phone diagnosis. I can usually diagnose most anything over the phone.

If you are merely having issues with your machine that do not prevent you from booting to your desktop, and you are able to connect to the internet, I can most often actually do the repair remotely using the commercial application "Team Viewer" it is the standard for remote support, perhaps you have heard of it. Do not worry as the small app that you must download is very small and totally free. It provides a ID for your machine and a Password. The password is unique to each connection. This is typically carried out during a phone call as you watch your mouse move around on your screen and things get fixed.
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