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Local Haul inc

  • Moving
  • furniture / home / commercial delivery
Local Haul has been in bussiness since 1999 and initially started out as a delivery service making home and commercial deliveries from all types of retail /wholesale /commercial & residendtial stores and businesses.
In 2004 after realizing a growing need/inquirery for moving of house holds and bussinesses we became fully licensed for moving and delivery and at that point moved into the small moving area of operation.
We cover moves from as simple as retirement home moving on up to good sized commercial and residential moves .
The company is small in nature but Big on service and by doing so we have a large number of repeat customers which keep us going even in lean times as experianced by the 2012 economic pull back.
we are also noted as in the website Expertise.com as one of the TOP 19 TAMPA BAY MOVERS in 2016.
Our incusion into Expertise.com was a surprise as Expertise.com is NOT a Pay for Play site as ex. "Angies List" or "The Better Bussiness Bureau " which the corporation has to Pay to gain rank & quality of services . Expertise.com gets its info from Actual customer satisfaction and actual customer referrals.
Each Move and or Delivery is taylored to fit the job requirements and is also charged in the same manner saving the customer time and money.