• Garage Door Repair $60.00

Is your garage door squeaking, clunking or making other strange noises?
When you operate your garage door do you just know something is going to break soon?

If you would like a qualified and affordable Garage Door Technician to look over your door and opener and give it a tune up, then this special is for you!

For $60 a trained and qualified Garage Door Technician will come to your house, inspect your garage door and give it and the opener a FULL SERVICE TUNE UP! This does not include any additional repairs that may be needed but do not worry, our trained and qualified technicians will talk with you before making ANY additional repairs.

A full service tune up includes the following:
-Inspect door balance and adjust springs if necessary
-Check force pressure settings on opener and adjust if necessary
-Execute Safety Reverse Test on opener
-Inspect garage door opener gears and related parts for malfunction or wear
-Inspect garage door and parts
-Lubricate: Springs, bearings, rollers, hinges and other moving parts on garage door
-Lubricate garage door opener gears and related parts

Don't know what's wrong with your door and or opener? We will do FREE estimates within 25 miles.

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