• Personal Trainers $60.00

Stop wasting hours at the gym. Train with me, you will be pleased with the outcome. Why exercise? Here are a few reasons:

1. To help fight Depression, Anxiety, and Stress
2. To lower risk of Cardiovascular disease
3. To lower chances of becoming Diabetic or having Metabolic problems
4. To improve Body Composition
5. To improve the removal of Carbon Dioxide from your lungs

Of course the list goes on. Its time to get ACTIVE!! Let me be your guidance in the journey of a lifetime. I am willing to travel to your house, apartment, gym or we can even train outside at a park. $60 per session or 3 for $170.

I specialize in:

Resistance/Weight Training
Flexibility Training
Endurance training
Cardio Respiratory Training
Weight Loss
Core Training
1-On-1 & Group Training
Nutritional Counseling

ACE, AFAA,CPR certified.