Elite Tech Genius. Honest Computer Repair / Networking. A+, Net+, MCP...

  • Computer Repair $45.00

I am A+, Network+, and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certified. I have 7+ years experience as a Network Administrator, 5+ years as an IT Consultant, and completed government contract work with the Dept of Transportation (requiring security clearance).

You will not get any sales tactics, pressures, or any other nonsense. I do not charge extra for parts. Whatever I pay is what you pay. I am a very honest person and will give you my opinions/answers to questions and not try to "upsell" you, even if it means I don't benefit as much. Additionally, I have no problem explaining to people what I'm doing as I go along for those who wish to learn how to fix /remove viruses or upgrade hardware themselves, rather than paying someone to do it each time. Almost all the programs I use are free versions, so you never have to worry about trial versions, renewing subscriptions, etc. Lastly, I am ALWAYS up front with my pricing.

There will never be any hidden charges or pricing you didn't expect. If I think a computer is going to take more than the typical hour or two for virus repair or cleanup, I always let you know first and let you decide if you want to proceed. I don't just do 4 or 5 hours worth of work and then stick you with a bill, like some other computer places and big box stores.

Call EliteTechGenius.

Below is a list of services that I offer. I charge $45/hr + parts (if needed) for everything related to residential use, but everything is negotiable. For business installations/configurations, I would need to do a site survey before I can give you a quote.

-Computer cleanup
-Hardware repair/replacement/upgrades
-Virus/malware/spyware removal
-Build new computers
-Wired/Wireless network installation/configuration for HOME use
-Wired/Wireless network installation/configuration for BUSINESS use (will require site survey before quote/estimate)
-CCTV installation
-Pretty much anything else you can think of relating to computers. Just call/email me and ask. If it is something that I cannot do, I'll tell you, rather than waste yours or my time.