• Auto Repair Services $50.00

Quality auto repair at a fraction of the cost of big shops and dealerships.
18 Years experience.

From brakes and tune-ups to engine rebuilds.
Big repair shops and dealerships charge over $100 an hour, and you get charged what a computer says you should get charged. This is called 'flat-rate'. So if the computer says the job should take 4 hours, and the mechanic gets it done in 2 hours, you still get charged for 4 hours of work.

I am a 3rd generation mechanic and hate the flat rate system. I charge $50 per hour, and only charge you for the hours it actually takes to make the repair. Also, I don't inflate the cost of parts the way everyone else does. If the part costs $100, you pay $100. PERIOD.

I also offer free pickup and delivery of your vehicle so you don't have to try to figure out how to get your vehicle to the shop, then get to work and back. I will come to wherever the vehicle is, pick it up, and return it immediately after repairs are made.

It's time to bring SERVICE back to the auto service industry.