• Exterior Door Installation

As a professional handyman I take my trade very seriously. I am constantly learning more, adding to my tools and supplies and am always aware of my limitations.

There are a multitude of things that I do very well and that saves you money. Have you ever been frustrated because you had to call the plumber for one small job, the electrician for another, a carpenter for a third and after paying premium rates you are still left with a list of things that need to be done?

Calling a professional handyman is like one-stop shopping. Your list of needed repairs becomes a thing of the past and you can finally relax. Let me help you cross those things off your list.

Services we provide:

** Carpentry
Cabinets - Repair & Install
Doors, Windows - Repair & Install
Crown molding / Baseboards / Chairs / Tables
Benches / Beds / TV stand/ IKEA furniture - Mount and Install

** Painting
Doors / Windows / Walls / Trim / Baseboards
Metal projects / Steps / Stairs
Fences / Exterior walls / Pavement

** Electrical
Install new lights / New appliances / Light switches
Cable TV & box / Wall mount TV / Install surround systems / Wireless networks Troubleshoot anything that won't come on

** Plumbing
Install new faucets and sinks / Shower heads / Running toilets
Clogged toilets & sinks / Broken pipes

** Outdoors
Build decks / gates / fences / rails / steps
Dig trenches / Plant trees & flowers / Gather leaves

If it is not on the list...PLEASE..give us a call and just ask. Believe it or not, it is that simple.