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BRITS HARDWOOD FLOORING We Install and Refinish Hardwood Floors. We also supply Hardwood Floors. We install every type of hardwood floor: nail down, glue down or floating. We sand new hardwood floors and refinish old hardwood floors. If your house was built before 1975 there is a good chance you have a hardwood floor under your carpet. We also install stairs, refinish old stairs, and install subfloors, baseboards, door and window casings and crown molding. A number of our suppliers are selling their inventory 40% to 70% below regular Contractors pricing. We can show you samples to choose from then deliver the hardwood flooring to your home or business and install it. 25+ years experience. . .2 to 3 man crew . . .we do one job at a time, start on time and finish on schedule. Our installs and refinishing can be lower than $2 per sq ft.