• Auto Repair Services $35.00

I'm Dan the original mechanic. I have over 20 year experience fixing cars and do it every day 7 days a week 365 days a year. I do all repairs small or large and I also don't charge a markup on parts, or you can provide your own (I cannot warranty parts that I don't provide) but you can usually save a lot by getting your own parts online.

So no matter what you need done whether it's just a brake job and oil change or an engine swap - I'm the one to call for the best price.

Sample prices (labor only) front or rear disc brakes $35. Rear drum brake $45 most alternator $70 most radiators $100 or less. Engine swaps $300-$500, I also fix car air conditioners, transmissions swaps $200-$400. Add $75 dollars to all prices for any mobile mechanic work within 30 minutes of collegeville.

Call Dan!