PAINTER - handyman, labor - $50 per room!

  • Painting Contractors $50.00

My name is Steve and Im an excellent painter- handyman...
My rates are cheap compared to most $90 small rooms, 100 for bigger rooms, 130 for exra lx rooms, hall ways and baths 60 to 75.

I will fix holes in sheetrock or replace. vinyl floor, I also can do plumbing work, leaks, pipes etc. I can replace ceiling fans and minor electrical issues, switches, sockets. I can also paint cabinets to look new and fix cabinets in most cases for cheap. I can do most anything that involves interior house work. Some commercial jobs by the hour or job. I will also clean or do odd jobs. I wecome rental properties. Im available some mornings and some afternoons and all day Thursday and Friday.

Give me a call. Will do a good job. Elderly over 70, $50 per room, in some cases free of charge.