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New Gulf Area Mechanic Service! WILL WORK RAIN OR SHINE
I have been working as a mechanic for years, and I am trying my hand at working for myself. I can fix anything from gas to diesel. I offer cheap competitive rates, quick friendly service, and I warrant my repairs for 6 months. I accept cash, credit or debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

I work on all of the following:
* Radiator Replacement
* Battery Replacement
* Emergency Jump Start
* Starter Motor Replacement
* Engine Electrical
* Ignition System Checkup (Plugs, Wires, etc...)
* Light Bulb Replacement
* Light Housing Replacement
* Fuse Check and Replace (Cigarette/Charge port not working?)
* Oil and Transmission Fluid Change. (Filters included)
* Oxygen Sensor Replacement
* MAP Sensor Clean and/or Replace
* Mass Air Flow Sensor Clean and/or Replace
* Throttle Body Control Check, Clean and/or Replace
* Water pump replacement
* Fan/Serpentine Belt Replacement
* Upper and Lower Ball-joint Replacement
* Thermostat and Radiator Hose Replacement (If dried, cracked, hard, etc...)
* Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
* Belt tensioner and pulley replacement
* Front and Rear shock/strut replacement
* Lower and Upper control arm replacement
* Coolant temperature sensor replacement
* Tie rod end replacement
* Stabilizer bar replacement
* Replace brake rotors
* Fuel injector replacement
* Power window motor and regulator change
* Distributor/Cap and Rotor Replacement
* Oil pump replacement
* Replace charcoal canister
* Check and replace fuses
* Replace brake booster
* Replace any engine sensor
* Replace fuel pressure regulator
* Replace fuel rail
* Replace engine fan assembly or engine fan motor
* Replace Ignition switch
* Replace windsheild washer pump
* EGR valve Replacement
* Fuel Pumps
* PCV valve Replacement
* Oil Leak Repair
* Tire Change
* Emission System Repair
* Fuel Filter Replacement
* Air Brakes and Air Lines checked out and repaired.

If it is NOT on this list, feel free to ask.
Call Richard!