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Austin, TX Round Rock, TX

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Army Guys Moving. Hire a Veteran and Team!

BIG MOVES / small moves...One or more item moves. We are local moving contractors for local stores with plenty of references.

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Austin, TX Round Rock, TX


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Reviews (6)

08 Nov 2022

Well, I tried to respond to this RACIST IDIOT Steve Hall.. the system kicked my txt out because it was over a 1000 letters. ILL KEEP IT SHORT.

Steve hired a guy for $100 to drive to Bastrop to do some work, named Jesse HIPOLITO 53 yr old and his son from Craigslist Gigs, horrible place to find workers. Almost always bad guys. Gigs is free for people to find help. I pay for my ADS.

I had no clue!! Jessie damaged Steve's floors but still paid these guts $100 and in court, his wife testified they gave them another $100 just o leave because they were both scared. They actually testified to this under oath

Steve sued me. He lied his entire testimony

This guy Steve, called me telling me my company responsible for damages. When I tried to explain to him that i had no idea of Jessie being there, He straight up called me a lying NIGER. I hung up on him. Steve harassed me then sued me.


02 Aug 2021

Fraudulent business owned by Jon Johnson, illegally operating without a movers license

Look at the BBB raring for “Army Guys Moving” - they have a “F” rating. BBB states the business has no license, confirmed by the TX DMV website

Jon Johnson is a fraud and a criminal. He’s already been sued for Deceptive Trade Practice, Property Damage and Theft, and Harassment by phone. Jon Johnson was heavily sanctioned in small claims court for these offenses.

And he hasn’t learned much, is still fraudulently and illegally advertising moving services.

In addition, Jon Johnson hires convicted felons, to damage and steal your property. He maintains no liability insurance for damages. He’s also never been in the “Army”, and doesn’t hire anyone who ever has.

Army Guys Moving: So you just make up these lies Steven Hall from Bastrop. You hired a guy from Craigslist Gigs. He pretended to be an Army Guys Mover from a ad I had w my shirt and cell number. You paid them $100. My charge, if you would of called me initially wld of been $250. Austin to Bastrop, $100, no way. Then you try sue me in Bastrop court and lost, look up Steven Hall vs Jon Johnson. Clearly shows, I won because the Judge saw right through your lies. Then you say that I never served in the Army and I'm a criminal. All lies. I served honorably. It's you who were never in the Army! No TXDOT DPS Is investigating me. You put up false lies because you hired a guy from Craigslist Killers Gigs who damaged your property. I told you, I had nothing to do with that guy and the cheap $100 you paid them both. But you figured differently. You and your lies.

09 Feb 2021


This gentleman is extremely dishonest , in my opinion. He moved our furniture, damaged it and refused to fix the damage.

Prior to us retaining his services, we requested a copy of his insurance, to protect us, should he damage our furniture. When we tried to file against the insurance, it was deemed fraudulent. I have filed 2 law suits against him and win both. He doesn’t even own his own can. He employs felons and does not make yoi aware of that.

Army Guys Moving: First off Jane. You lied about your entire move. You rented a truck and we helped your husband load it. I gave you a free 1 hour due to heavy objects, no charge extra and with stairs. Then your customer called and you cussed him out to. I knew your were a KAREN then. To top it off, you tried to have a conversation about TRUMP wanting all Mexicans to stay out of USA. I just didn't want to entertain your conversation. Then you bought us lunch, and during Divy up, you deducted $15 lunch you volunteered to buy, REDICULOUS...Then next day you located a scratch and called me asking for my insurance. You already had it. They denied your claim. You try and say, lie about my insurance. I didn't lose n court, I sued you for Defimation of Character in Travis County. You did take down the lies and false statements you made. You said you were an ex correctional officer and taking a liking to Felons around you. I only said, that I hired a DWI Felon, I gave him a chance. He moved on to another city.

21 Sep 2020

This company is the top of the profession of movers. From start to finish we received 5 star service. Ray & his partner did a excellent fast packing job for our move from Austin, TX to Cleveland OH. We would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting expert moving help. They are the best!!!

03 Sep 2020

I can't say enough good things about these guys. We've used them twice to move, after a death in the family, and they made a difficult situation that much easier with their efficient services. They are professional, fast, hard-working. And I want to give a shout-out to Oakley and Noah who did a great job and loved their sense of humor! Thank you!!