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Suffering Computer Age Frustration!!!
In Home Computer Geek...
...offers you affordable computer repairs to help eliminate that frustration!
Woke up to a your computer not starting, downloaded what you thought was a great program only to find out that it was packaged with spam or worse yet a virus.

Just don't understand why your computer is running slower than molasses!?
Let me help you deal with that computer age frustration by getting your computer back up and running fast, smooth, reliably and at affordable pricing.

You can either bring your computer to me or I can come to you.

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In Home Computer Geek

Services Offered

Clean Your PC
Getting rid of any unwanted pest on there whether it's a virus or just software clutter
Update Your PC
Make sure that it has all the latest software

Upgrade Hardware
If interested in doing so I can help you with this

Password Reset (including BIOS password)
If you have forgotten your password I can help you get back in
Education on Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
Help you understand how to do simple computer maintenance and troubleshooting for yourself
Web Development
I can setup and maintain a web site for your business and/or personal interest

If you're dealing with computer age frustration for what ever reason I can help get you back up and running!