• Auto Repair Services

Damage on your vehicle can be very upsetting and a stressful situation. Finding time in a busy schedule, to make arrangements to get estimates, dropping off the car, renting a car, then waiting days for the car to be ready for pickup can be an aggravating process. How much is your time worth? What if the body shop came to you to give you a free non obligation estimate. What if they also came to you to fix your damaged car with the same or better quality repair. What if they used better materials and offered a lifetime warranty and the repair was completed in hours not days. What if they offered 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Would that be worth a little extra? What if the price was the same or a little less then a body shop? That would be a no brainer.

Everyone hates those irritating door pings, dents and scratches. One call and I will repair all damage on any panel. Combined with my 100% color matching process I will have your car looking as good as new. Because I only paint the damage and not the entire area, I will preserve more of the vehicle's original paint.

Most panel repairs cost less then your insurance deductible, if multiple panels are affected then the cost will be a little more. Still the bottom line cost will save you hundreds compared to a body shop.

Headlight Restoration
Headlight restoration is a cost effective process that will restore your car, truck or recreation vehicle (RV) headlight lenses (or any other plastics). Over time, plastic light enclosures become discolored, foggy, scratched, clouded, yellowed and seemingly destroyed by the harmful effects of the sun and many other factors. This natural deterioration can be extremely dangerous when driving at night I can restore your headlight damage at the fraction of the cost to replace.

I can fix scratches, dents, rips, and holes in your bumper. Body shops will replace a bumper and pass on the new bumper cost to its customer. I repair only the damaged area and refinish it with My 100% color matching process. With my innovative repair process we save our customers hundreds of dollars and will cost less then your insurance deductible.

Most bumper repairs will take a few hours, once the job is completed you can drive
your car after an hour.

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