• Auto Repair Services $30.00

I do minor auto repairs at a small garage at my house located on Dixie highway in Florence, K.Y. I am equipped with air compressor and power tools. I have no waiting area, so you may want to just drop off your car and pick it up later.

I do disc brake pad replacement for $30.00 front, $30.00 rear. I will replace floating brake rotors for free, but rotors with brackets are an extra charge of $10.00. Wheel bearings start at $75.00 per axle. . serpentine belt replacement on all vehicles Starting at $15.00. oil change $10.00 on most vehicles, Tire rotations are $12.00.

I also do some axles and struts, depending on vehicle make.
You must supply all parts and fluids.

Call between 5:00 A.M. and 8: P.M. 7 days per week. Thanks for checking me out, Bob