Clothesline Laundromat. Check This Out Free Pick Up and Drop Off Laundry Service

  • Dry-cleaning, Laundry & Alteration

Hello, we are the Clothesline Laundromat
We are offering a Free Service our Customers in the Ares listed above. Free Pick Up and Drop Off of all your Laundry needs at your Home or Business for details call us!

The Service Includes:
* Picking up your Laundry at your Home or Business
* Washing your Laundry
* Drying your Laundry
* Folding your Laundry
* Then Dropping it off at your Home or Business

Why should you worry about your Laundry Issues. Let us do that! The Clothesline is a one stop place for all your Laundry needs.

The Clothesline also offers the following:
* Wash, Dry,and Fold
* Dry Cleaning
* Next day Delivery Service
* Residential Pick Up and Drop Off
* Corporate Pick Up and Drop Off
* Student Laundry Services with 15 or 30 week semester plans
* Self Serve with Friendly Attendants to help out with all your laundry needs. For your convenience selected washers and dryers accept both credit/debit cards and also coins.

Paul - The Clothesline