Headlight Foggy? Hard to see at night? Don't buy new headlight lenses

  • Auto Repair Services $30.00

If you are having problems seeing at night and your headlight assembly is foggy and white instead of clear, there is a option instead of buying new ones! Most of the time they can be cleaned up and restored to almost brand new clearness.. Foggy headlights can be a safety issue and could cause a accident. In the rain snow and fog you need all the light you can go be able to avoid road hazards and keep your family safe.. Buy a new one to replace one brokw in a accident... Clean up the old one to make them match again!

New Assemblies can cost $100-$300 or more each! Don't get stuck paying big bucks for new headlight assemblies.. Try a restoration.. Dont get ripped off by those store bought kits. They arw overpriced and do not work very well. I guarentee better results that the store boughf kit.. Note: I am not fixing cracks or deep gouges only the oxidation on the lenses.. If they are cracked or scratched bad I can not repair thsm.. I can replace them though.. Please let me know if you need one replaced.

I do get good pricing on new asswmbly, so please ask! $30 per assembly or $50/pair!
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