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Sick of looking at weeds? Are you having a hard time with your landscaping? Do you live on a slope, is there erosion, or to much mud on rainy days? Is your old metal edging's paint chipping or rusting? Are you looking for more aesthetic appeal without adding plants; maybe, you'd like to rid your yard of space where weeds can grow, and would like a seating area? Perhaps, you want a level area to walk on.

Well, I suggest hardscaping, it's much cheaper than putting in grass and plants and it looks really nice to. I will customize your yard the way you want it. I deal with rock only so sorry I don't do sprinklers but can do drip lines. All the rock I will use comes from a rock quarry located here in Florence. I added a couple of pics before and after of a job I just finished. I am only one person so first come first served.

Thank you for looking
If interested call Mike