• Auto Repair Services $500.00

Don't Wrap or Paint your car. Dip it.

We are 75% less than traditional vinyl wrap and paint.
Our product is 100% removable. Life span 3-5 years. When you are ready to go back to the original OEM paint just peel.
The durability of our product is tough.
Finish choices are Matte/Flat, Satin & Gloss
We can do solid colors along with chameleons.
Feel free to look at some of my work/colors on

We can do wheels too. (anything really)
Average time to complete a car is 24 hours. We collect half as a deposit upfront and the other half when the job is complete.
Weekends only. Currently this is something done outside my full time gig.
Average Price range $500-$650 (ballpark)
Feel free to call. Below are pictures of my work.