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I've been working in the plumbing field since 2001 during which time I've had training in just about every side of plumbing so because of this there are very few plumbing issues I can't handle. The only restriction I have is that I dont have access to heavy equipment such as back-holes or other heavy digging equipment.

So anything else you have problems with I can help you with.

Here are just a few quick examples: any plumbing repairs, frozen pipes, sump pumps, clogged or slow drains, clogged or slow toilets, new installs, gas line leaks/repairs/disconnects, water heater repairs or replacement and MUCH MORE.

Also, if you're looking into a bathroom or kitchen remodel and need a plumber to disconnect all the plumbing involved I'm your guy. Of course when its ready I'll come back and either reinstall the original fixtures or install all your new fixtures, whichever you decide on. These are just some examples of the services I can provide.

I also want to note that my services aren't just limited to plumbing. Just before I started working for myself I worked in building maintenance for very large company in Louisville. We had 29 commercial buildings to take care of between myself & one other guy so I've had to be able to repair much more than plumbing such as electrical receptacles/switches, breaker replacement, air line installation and many more of your common household repairs. So dont hesitate to ask me about any other repairs or issues you may have and I'll tell you up front whether or not Im capable of the task.

My family's plumbing company has been in business for almost 50 years and that's where I started my plumbing career. I learned from some of the best plumbers around and I take pride in my work. Since I started in 2001 I've obtained somewhere between 75 & 100 customers and I never once approached or went looking for any of them and that's because every single one was a referral or "word of mouth". Every customer I've ever worked for has always called me back for future jobs and that's mainly because I do really great work and I'm probably one of the most reasonable priced plumbers around.

So if you'd like to ask me any questions regarding my experience or capabilities, or if you'd like me to come look at a job, just call me!