Same Day Lakes Auto Service. Lowest Labor Prices Ever

  • Auto Repair Services $20.00

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Independently owned and Operated. CALL NOW. 318 N . Tenth St Hamilton Ohio
Lowest labor prices you will ever find! LAKES AUTOMOTIVE.

If you are locked out of your car I can help. I do have my own shop . I am able to do any repair you need done depending on the problem with the car....... I have been working on cars for 25 years. I am ASE Certified I have worked for car Dealers such as Ford and Chrysler and sum other smaller shops. All Makes and Models welcome If needed I can come to you. Price depending on what needs to be done. No matter what I will beat anybody's price! I make sure my work is done right the first time.

Brakes pads installed for $20.00 a wheel if you need a rotor it will be $10.00 per rotor to put on. Tune ups on 4 cly $50.00 v6 tune up $75.00 v8 Tune up $100.00 you buy the parts.

Call me. Just a few of the things that I can list real quick are, Body work Brakes front and back, oil changes, tune ups, replace engines, replace transmission, timing belts, water pumps, A/C work, power steering, alternators, wheel bearings, radiators and LOTS MORE.........

I am also able to do Motorcycle repairs, audio and any other aftermarket parts. Air ride and much much more!!! I can also do atv repair snow plow repair lawnmower repair and much more!!Thank You For The One's Who Have Replied. Its has been great working with you and having you come back over and over.

Thanks, Daniel