• Tree Services $60.00

Turn your Downed Tree into Lumber. Rough Lumber Milling Logs into rough cut lumber at your site for $0.50 per BDFT of lumber cut. A BDFT of lumber is defined as 12" x 12" x 1" thick. There is a $60.00 set-up charge. A minimum charge $150.00 for small jobs.

If there are many small, short or otherwise time consuming logs, Sawyer may (at sawyer's discretion) charge $30.00 per hour for sawing instead of the BDFT charge. (Quarter Sawing is an additional $0.30 per BDFT.) Maximum Cut Length is 12 feet 6 inches and Maximum Log Dia. is 32" at largest end. I do not cut down trees.

Call Dale for further details and an appointment.