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Okay, we'll get the crapola right out of the way first.

Handybear Mike is actually a professional entertainer (under another professional name) who had started and still maintains a successful handyman business on the side. Because I'm a bear and, in addition to some rather memorable TV, movie and web series roles in which I'd starred, co-starred or guest starred (at least some of which you've probably seen), was also a popular bear model, I've received multiple requests to carry out my repair, maintenance, assembly, restoration, installation, cleaning, packing, painting, mechanical and other assignments completely in the buff.

Why? Because there's a whole lot of folks out there who like bears and find it appealing to see a hairy, ursine man doing their necessary and, quite often, sweaty and otherwise unappealing work for them in the furry altogether. It helps that I'm real comfortable in my own bear skin and prefer to be in that state most of the time anyway. But that's entirely your choice. I strip only if YOU request it. Because, clothes or no clothes, I'm really just here to deliver the most quality yet affordable handyman services which have always been a mainstay of my personal skills (just like my dad's) in addition to music and entertainment.

Here's what Handybear Mike has to offer: Need help moving heavy furniture or other similar items from one place to another? Are you a mover that needs help loading and unloading your truck? Maybe you have a phonograph turntable that's not moving at proper or regular speeds. Even a mechanical toy that needs fixing or, perhaps, restoring or a tape player/recorder that needs work.

We offer:
- Furniture repair
- House/household painting (great around fixtures and trim)
- Refrigerator cleaning and disinfecting
- Basic woodwork, wood repair or basic carpentry
- Bicycle repair and maintenance
- Event set up and breakdown
- Garden and yard work
- Home gym, bookcase, furniture kit assembly
- A/V system installation and hook-up
- Getting skips out of phonograph records (you heard right)
- Audio and video cassette repair and restoration
- Small appliance repair...

Whatever it is, call me for friendly, quick and reliable service.

On a budget? Heck, aren't we all? Let's work out a price that feels nice. I am gay friendly and, in fact, a member of the bear community myself. If it's mechanical in nature, I can probably fix it or, at least, determine the kind of repair needed.

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09 Mar 2017

Great and fast service. I hired him last fall to paint the fence and clean my yard. Everything looks great. Thanks Mike!

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