John Wall

Servicing: Boston, MA


Ever wish you knew someone with a truck? Now you do.

Hi. My name is John. I have a full length 8' Cargo Bed Toyota Tundra 4x4 Double Cab that is just waiting to do some moving / work for you. Whether it be to haul trash to the dump (mattresses, appliances, debris around the house).

Move some furniture to another home, pickup something at Home Depot, or at a friend or family's home, or just move some items elsewhere, or maybe you just need a ride somewhere. I can handle any of this for you. I also have a 6'6" W x 10' L utility trailer, and a portable electric winch that will pull 1000 lbs. to handle your needs as well. I can clear out your cellar, attic, yard or wherever you need it done. I can even pull a trailer, boat, or camper up to 10,000 lbs. as long as it is registered and insured. Oh Yeah!!!

I do have ramps, furniture pads, and a 2/4 wheel dolly. I am located in Wareham.
Call and just ask for John and we'll discuss your needs together. Thanks!!!

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