• Remodeling Services

Feeling tired or overwhelmed? Don't let you home be a burden! HELP IS ON THE WAY for you, your family or friends with my complete indoor/outdoor property management service! Regardless of the size of your home, rental or vacation property, rural or suburban, I will immaculately maintain it both indoors and out in an accomplished, inexpensive fashion and make it an easy, relaxing palace (with a significantly increased market value) IN EXCHANGE FOR A LIVE-IN SITUATION WITH A SMALL STIPEND. Why let that idle R.V, sailboat, in-law apartment above the garage or the spare bedroom downstairs continue to go to waste?

As a case in point, I just finished 3 platonic years of staying with and transforming a single lady friends very neglected and run down home to immaculate status so that she could sell it for maximum profit, get out of her crushing debt, liquidate her property lien and still have enough cash left over to build her own mortgage free home back in New England. And along the way I gave her personal assisted care and chauffeur service to the doctors and physical therapists office until after her knee replacement surgery was completely healed. I also repeatedly house sat for her while she was back east traveling and took care of her big dog while doing all of her light automotive maintenance with excellent detailing to make both of her cars look and run like new. I found the time to put up about 8 cords of seasoned firewood from off of her property, which she used so that she had no heating bill. And nothing beats the house filling, soul satisfying aroma of a hot meal slowly cooking in a cast iron skillet on the woodstove. Did I mention that I love to cook?

I have years of extensive experience in all around indoor and outdoor preventative home maintenance and general repairs including home improvement projects, painting, staining, yardwork, gardening, organic top soil building, lawn maintenance, landscaping, pruning, cured fire wood accumulation, tree/stump removal, storm, spring and fall cleanups which will make your home look and feel like the most immaculate estate in the neighborhood. For the interior, I do proactive maintenance and general repairs including house cleaning, dishes, cooking, shopping, errands and even laundry. I am also well versed in natural/national emergency home preparedness so that you and your family will be safe and comfortable in your home during any unforeseen crisis.

As a bit of a perfectionist with an empathic helping professions background (Elementary School Counselor, High/Middle School Teacher, Coach and Social Studies Department Chair), I understand that a home is a sanctuary where people refresh and recharge so that they can go out and expend their personal energies to achieve and excel at their professions day after day. But a home can be hard to relax in, rejuvenate and enjoy if it should become a bit to much to look after. So for you ladies, I'm the equivalent of the world's best husband who provides an understanding listening ear and security while for you gentlemen I'm the ultimate respectful domestic support homemaker. And for you busy married professionals, I am both.

Frank Heiss, M.A.