Affordable Stump Grinding by Bryan for $15/piece

  • Tree Services

Spring is here and it's a good time to get rid of the ugly stump in your yard and get a head start on reseeding the lawn. I have owned and operated a stump grinder for 11 yrs . No job to big or small. I will grind one stump or 20. If you have a few stumps to grind, please call me or email me for a free quote. I'm grinding all flush cut stumps for $2.00/inch. Roots and uncut stumps will cost a little more but not much.

I have a $50 minimum because gas and drive time is costly. I can also grind bush stumps for $15/piece and recommend people for tree removal, stump grinding cleanup, and grass reseeding. My machine is backyard accessable and can fit through a 36" gate.

Ask for Bryan.

To improve the accuracy of the quote take a minute to measure across the bottom of the stump from one end to another. Also measure the height if you can then send me the measurements. You can also include a picture if you wish.

I go everywhere
Cuyahoga and Lake county