• Auto Repair Services

Sometimes you just need to get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible BUT you don't want a patch want it done correctly, without guessing. That is why our company motto is: "TEST DON'T GUESS". Our business has been here in Yakima serving our customers needs for over 70 years. Whatever your vehicle needs we can help and it dosen't matter what type of vehicle you have because we are skilled and trained to work on all of them no matter whether it is gas or diesel, car or truck, old or new, we can help.

Plus we handle all extended warranties to make your life easier.We also offer a variety of other services that include rebuilding starters, alternators and generators, repairing all types of battery chargers, repairing early style converters for motor homes and trailers, repairing small electric hand tools, building custom battery cables (all sizes including semi trucks), building custom speedometer cables and ratio boxes, component parts for starters, alternators and generators (for you do-it-yourselfers).

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