• Electrician

Defined Electric is a Veteran owned buisness with 26 years experience, born & raised in NM. We offer a good quality service with UL listed materials, take no shortcuts and will complete to customer satisfaction!!!

Aluminum wire repair/retrofit, certified in all methods including Copalum crimp Tyco certification.

Do you need more power adding a hot tub refrigerated air conditioning, I can install you a 200AMP service entrance in a matter of days complete with inspections and PNM approval.

Below are a few of electrical installs we do. Contact Dennis

* Residential new construction, custom homes.
* Residential existing homes needing additions or upgrades.
* Residential 220V from dryers to refrigeration units.
* Commercial grade installs from a garage to any size building you can think of.
* Electrical designing for new and existing wiring systems.
* Surround sound systems, and any low voltage install.
* Communications underground or other.
* New service upgrades any amperage, overhead to underground.
* Primary distribution, secondary distribution.
* Aluminum wire retrofit, repair, Tyco copalum certified.
* Industrial electrical installs.

Basically our company can do any electrical install you can think of, we have pride in all work we do, and guarantee work done. Please call Dennis for free estimates!!!