Electrician with over 40yrs exp.

  • Electrician

Fluent in Russian

Installation of any light fixture including:
-Recessed lighting
-New LED lighting
-Ceiling fans
-Emergency lights
-Exit Signs
-Outlets (running new dedicated lines or swapping 2 prong to 3 prong receptacles)
-Clock outlets
-Switch or dimmer installation
-Trouble shooting
-Pocket door switch installation
-Patio lighting
-Lawn lighting
-Pool lighting
-Roof lighting
-Staircase lighting
-Light post installation
-Dishwasher/garbage disposal wiring
-Any service upgrade
-200 AMP upgrade
-Panel upgrade
-Running circuits

-Any electrical job for both commercial and residential

With over 40 years experience working for a large electrical company in all 5 boroughs of New York. Working on new construction, updating old construction. Licensed & insured.