• Garbage Removal

The Junk Army would like to maximize the amount of used demolition materials recycled or salvaged for use in order to save dwindling landfill space, natural resources, embodied energy, and the creation of additional greenhouse gases. The Junk Army is a local hauling and demolition company with aggressive safety training and competitive, efficient demolition techniques. We have been providing demolition, hauling and junk removal services in the Washington DC area for twenty years.

Most of the items that fall into the junk removal category are furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, electronics, playground equipment, lawn and garden debris, and any unwanted household junk. Items commonly found in closets, attics, garages, sheds, and storage units fall into the junk removal category in most cases.

This service typically consists of removing heavier debris from inside or outside the property. Remodeling debris such as drywall, cabinets, kitchen and bath fixtures, counter tops, piping and other conduits, wood scraps, plaster and construction related debris.

Our Troops can take down and remove decks, garages, car ports, sheds, tree houses, play sets, fences, small structures, and more. We also offer complete gutting services. Whether it's a small bathroom, entire house, office or building The Junk Army can gut it and clean it up so you can be ready to build out.

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