• Garbage Removal $55.00

I'm in need of your work clean up or hauling or what ever you have .
Are you a low in-come family and have no time to keep the maintenance up in your yard? Don't have much money at the end of the month? Make under $700.00 a month? Well do we have the deal for you! We will do maintenance on your yard starting at $55.00, price may go up depending on the size of your yard. No extra charge for removal of yard debris, depending on how much. PROOF OF INCOME MUST BE PROVIDED TO GET A DISCOUNT!

We specialize in the following areas! Aerating, Bush & Tree Trimming, Gutter Cleaning, Edging, Hauling Garbage or Lawn Debris, Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Mowing,field mowing, Laying of Stone or Brick, Moving, Painting, Planting Flowers etc, Racking Leaves etc, Rototilling, Spraying Fertilizer or Weed Killer, Spreading Bark Dust etc, Weeding and more....

We flower bed or garden rototilling at $45 an hr. flower beds and gardens must be at least 2ft wide. If there is any rocks or other debris in garden or flower beds the price will be $50.

We also haul away, garbage, yard debris, or any another unwanted items starting at $120. For 4 ft. wide 8 ft. long and 5 ft. tall trailer.

Chipping up small branches and debris- (less than 3 inches) starting out at $65 an hour.
I also do odd jobs around the house, its $55. an hour. If needing more than two people please let me know in advance.