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Baltimore, MD

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(646) 506-3151 PIN: 1761

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Hi, my name is Josh. Thanks for stopping by.
This will help us see if my style and your objectives line up with each other. There are many wonderful photographers out there, both in character and skill. It is important that you find the right photographer for your project. If your vision is different from that of your artist, there's a good chance the project may be less effective for you. I do not impose myself, but I do my best to impress anyone who looks.

This Ad is for event coverage for 4-hours at $450 (regular price of $750). I'm currently running this special price to fill-in my open calendar days. Please read below for the guidelines.

a) The event is limited to a single venue at 4-hours (allowance of 20 minutes is fine);

b) 6 edited images in both high (print up to 16x20") and low (online posting) resolutions will be sent to you via email or dropbox.com within 24-hours for your social media purposes and the full coverage of 300 images will be out in 15 days. Timeliness is a cornerstone of my business, I deliver what I promise;

c) You will have full license to print and use the images. Printing copies will be convenient and affordable for you. The images however are not allowed for any commercial-3rd party use. Let's say your jeweler likes the images we create - they cannot use the images without your permission and mine. It's free for them to use, they just need to coordinate with us;

d) Your chosen location must be within 50 miles of 20817 MD. If it goes beyond this radius, I may ask a small amount for gas. Please do not distance discourage you, I promise quality work and exceeding results, and;

e) Albums, large-prints and canvas prints are available at as option. I'm not a huge fan of upselling, so please mention your interest in prints.

I really love my job; thrive at the challenge and it just so happen that I'm pretty awesome at it too. I always leave clients satisfied with their photos. My theory is that I've been contacted because of a good impression my work has made; and that my task is to showcase this specific client within that impression. So, by simply doing what I told you I could accomplish is similar to finding the only formula that allows everyone to go home happy. I keep my promises. This is not just art for me; this is more of hard work. Put in a truckload of time + effort and the art follows naturally.

Timeliness. Simplicity. Excellence. It seems overly simple but I believe it can't be any truer than that.
I would request for 50% for me to book/save your date and the other half on the day of the event please. You may pay with Paypal, Check or Cash.

I'm sorry to bore you with this lengthy service description, I'd like for you to know as much as you can to help determine if I'm the right one for the task.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!
All the best,


Baltimore, MD

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    (646) 506-3151 PIN: 1761
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