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  • Pool Buildings
  • Pool Maintenance $250.00 Fixed
  • Pool Cleaners $40.00 Fixed
  • Pool Services
Morris Pool provides all of your pool service needs - Repairs, Installation, Maintenance and Cleaning. Jacuzzi and Hot Tub Repair Service also available. Call Brad Morris!

We offer a good commercial vacuum cleaning. We can vacuum the pool out with our portable pool vacuum's and put in the chemicals to get it crystal clear.

Pool Deck Power Washing - $95.00
Pool vacuuming - $40.00 per ½ hour.

Our Pool Mainterance services:
- Remove winter cover
- Set-up filter system
- Re-install ladder(s), handrail(s), diving board; as equipped
- Summerize plumbing lines & remove winter plugs.
- Drain & fold water tubes & air pillows.
- Pool Opening
- Draining the winter cover.
- Pool Profile /Diagnostic.