DryFast for Mold Remediation and Repairs in SF BAy Area

  • General Contractors

If you have Water Damage in the San Francisco or any Bay Area city
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Choose a Licensed General contractor for your project. Get the job done right.

Water damage should be addressed properly, locating all trapped moisture in building materials,

The goal:
1. Locate all water damaged areas.
2. Provide adequate ventilation.
3. Remove damaged non salvageable building materials.
4. Set up structural drying equipment.
5. Monitor the equipment daily.
6. Dry hidden moisture.
7. Get people back to order.

We dry out water damaged properties in Burlingame for a decade.
*No job is too big or small!
* we work and bill insurance companies directly.
* Always open 24/7.
* no money upfront on insurance claims.

If you have Mold, call and schedule Free no obligation Mold Inspection at your convenience.
* Mold Inspection.
* Mold Removal.
* Mold Testing.

All Mold Remediation work is guaranteed! Backed by final clearance testing!.