Corona Landscape (multiple dwelling Units) Lawn, Tree, & Yard Care

  • Landscaping

Do you own or manage a Duplex, 4Plex , triplex, Sixplex or More than 1 unit apartments?
Corona Landscaping can offer you quality work & maintain the consistency throughout the year
We are specialized in keeping up with landlord's investment properties
You will not receive any city violations, tenant or HOA complaints
Corona Landscape offers:
On time scheduling, to keep a consistency on each property (Monthly and Bi Monthly Lawn Service)

*Tree Trimming
*Palm trimming
*Any Removal
*Hauling away
* Mowing
* Gravel Installation.
*Weed control and spray

*Great customer service for you! (Reliable, Affordable, & Experienced)
We work for many landlord's / property managers
*Call Alma to schedule now ! (Manager)
*Free Estimates!