Swerve Fitness- Over $1000 value of free cycling classes

  • Personal Trainers $60.00

Are you interested in an academic challenge for science that involves a place to play video games or a place to exercise to see how these activities change your brain? Participate in our study examining the effects of exercise and video games on the brain at New York University!

We are seeking healthy, non-smoking, and sedentary individuals ages 35-59 for a study investigating the effects of exercise on learning and the brain. Participants will get to attend free fitness classes at Swerve, or play video games.

Compensation: Over $1000 value of fitness classes at Swerve, a high-end boutique cycling studio, as well as $30 for each of two sets of laboratory visits at the beginning and end of the study (totaling $60). Additionally, there will be weekly prizes throughout the 3 months.