• Promotional Video Services $60.00

Hello, We are ThirdIView Films, and we are a Freelance Photography & Digital Media Company .

We Record & Shoot Videos, Photoshoots, Headshots, Baby showers, & Weddings. We pride ourselves in the Expertise of Hip-Hop Music & Culture, Fashion, Music Recording,Film & Cinema, and Modeling in the NYC and Surrounding areas.

We are offering a special and would love the opportunity to work with inspired individuals to bring dreams into reality, utilizing our mysterious and conceptual ideas.

*Third I One Stop Shop Includes: Complete EP Recording & Mixing, 1 Promo Video (with edits) , 1 Music Video, EP Cover and Graphic Design, 1 Hour Photoshoot $600
We are offering headshots at $60 for a 1 hour session. You have the choice to edit for $50 additional.
2 hours (minimum) photoshoot for $200(including editing)
$100 per scene for videos (hr per scene minimum)
$500 for weddings ($50 for editing)

Please call!